Monday, September 4, 2023

Log Cabin

You may have caught a glimpse of the Dropcloth Log Cabin sampler I've been working on when I shared my recent Aurifil Artisan challenge, but I'm back to share the completed sampler. 

I may be just a tiny bit disappointed in my execution of this one. Not because of the sampler itself, nor the beautiful Aurifil 12wt threads I worked it in. That all has been great, and I'm really pretty sold on using the 12wt for embroidery. 

But if you look close, you may be able to tell that the center log cabin is stitched in two colors. The contrast doesn't show as much as I thought it would, and I probably should  have taken it out and redone it. But instead, I just continued with stitching.

I tried a variety of stitching in the various log cabins, and as usual, choosing which stitch and which color to stitch as I approached each new section. My disappointment lies in making all but the center log cabin just one color. I'm not really sure why I didn't try out several log cabin variations and stitch more sections in multiple colors. Seriously, I may need to stitch another Log Cabin one of these days to try that out. But still, I did enjoy stitching a nice variety of stitches.

And otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the stitching and am ready to move on to a new sampler and an expanded selection of 12wt threads. I'm excited.


  1. I really like the two toned version in the 5th photograph. The colors are all bright and happy, and I look forward to seeing how what you learned from this sampler influences your choices on the next.

  2. Nice sampler finish, I like the various stitches, especially the couching. I think for a sampler it's what it's supposed to be, focus on the stitching.

  3. The first photograph shows the two tones used in that center log cabin, and it looks very cool. What a fun way to experiment with different stitches and thread colors. Was the circle printed on the fabric, or did you do that?

  4. It's really pretty, but until you showed the detail photos, I didn't realize what a nice variety of stitches you used. Beautiful work! I understand what you're saying about the colors, but it's such a nice piece overall. That 12-weight thread is a good thickness choice, proportional to the size of the printed design.