Monday, September 11, 2023

Aurifil Artisan Challenge :: Scissors Cozy

This month's Aurifil Artisan challenge was to make a project using the thread collection that was sent in our welcome packs. I received Orchard by Jill Finley @jillilystudio, which included seven small spools of Aurifil 50wt

Colors included: 4020 [Fuchsia], 2430 [Antique Rose], 2410 [Pale Pink], 2420 [Light Blush], 2115 [Lemon], 2886 [Light Avocado], 1114 [Grass Green]

So I debated a while on what to make with my thread collection, and finally settled on a scissors cozy from a tutorial by Svetlana Sotak. I made one for myself  a while back and really like it and use it to keep my best shears protected. For this new one, I chose an Essex Yarn Dyed in Steel for the main exterior, and a mix of fabric scraps and stash for the solid colored strips, which measure 1/8" wide finished. Note that you can piece and quilt the cozy exteriors however you wish before continuing with project construction. The pieced design I chose is not part of Svetlana's pattern.

To show off the assorted threads, I densely topstitched three rows of each thread color on either side of the coordinating fabric strip. Then on the two ends, I continued the pattern by quilting in the neighboring colors - Antique Rose on the left, and Light Avocado on the right.

On the cozy back, I did an angular grid using all the thread colors. Unfortunately, photos don't do it justice, but I think the two sides coordinate really nicely in person.

I found a sweet floral print for the lining.

And for the side tab and zipper pull, I used some gray scrap leather, which made for a perfect finish.

This was a fun little project, and I highly recommend it, if you need a scissors cozy too. I don't think I'd ever focused on using the threads in an Aurifil collection exclusively for a specific project like this, so that was a good challenge. Plus I really enjoyed using the thread colors that Jill @jillilystudio had selected for her Orchard collection. 


  1. Good finish and piecing design!! And Svetlana's pattern is trim and classic.

  2. What a fun challenge to focus on the thread and quilting as the place to start and draw inspiration from. It's a lovely collection and it pairs really well with the Essex Yarn Dye in Steel!

  3. Love the look of the cozy with those fabrics and matching threads. Neat that you had a scrap of grey leather, too, for the zipper pull. Fun challenge!