Monday, March 27, 2023

Aurifil Artisan Challenge :: Aurifloss | Whisper

So the scrappy quilt I began a few weeks ago using Aurifloss for big-stitch quilting is complete. Glance back if you missed the beginnings of project. What started me off was a box of small spools of Aurifloss - the Rosso Rubino collection by Susan Ache @yardgrl60 for Aurifil. The collection consisted of 10 colors of Aurifloss, 5002 [Medium Red], 6729 [Tangerine Dream], 2220 [Light Salmon], 2270 [Paprika], 2435 [Peachy Pink], 2420 [Fleshy Pink], 2255 [Dark Red Orange], 2277 [Light Red Orange], 2230 [Medium Peony], 2415 [Blush]. I originally intended to use every thread color, and I came very very close. 

The floss worked really well for hand-quilting. I ended up using three strands throughout, and that felt good and strong; not too thick, yet still very noticeable. I really like the look of the different colors of thread playing over the quilt. 

All the stitching designs were on a whim, decided as I approached a new section. Most were done 'by eye,' though on a few of the larger ones, I marked stitching lines with my hera marker. 

For binding, I tried Erica's @kitchentablequilting method of big-stitch binding, referring to the highlight in her IG stories for tips on beginning and ending. I thought those very visible binding stitches really suited this particular quilt. 

I chose to wrap the binding and stitch on the back of the quilt, as the Kona Ivory quilt back shows off the quilting nicely.

I used Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Request Batting for this quilt, and it was lovely to hand-quilt on. The quilt is baby-sized, finishing at 34" x 40". It had been ages since I'd hand-quilted, so this was a fun change of pace. And I gave the Aurifloss a good workout and it came through swimmingly. I'm glad I gave it a go, and have a sweet, soft finish to show for it.