Monday, January 31, 2011

Day One

You could say I’m late to the game. The blog-game, that is. But actually, I’ve followed a variety of blogs for quite a few years. And I have been entertained, and often inspired, by these blogs. But I have been in the background, just a ‘follower’, where an introvert like myself has been comfortable. But honestly, lately I have felt a little left out, especially in the quilt blog arena, where I am a frequent participant. I may comment on other’s posts or projects, and I post photos of my quilts on flickr, but without a blog of my own, I am just a name. I guess you could say I want a fuller presence. I want to join the community in a larger way. So here I am. Today is day one of A Quilter's Table. Welcome.


  1. I love to go back and read "the very first post" on blogs...just kind of a thing I do for fun :) I'm actually thinking of starting a blog {rather a shocking thing for me to even consider} and thought I'd see how you got started with the first post. I'll let you know if I get one up and going :)

  2. Late to the game? I thought you were late to the table! Haha... Glad you made it!

  3. You may have been "late to the game", but I'd say you've made up for lost time! :) Kinda hard to believe you're an introvert, after having read so many of your posts, but I guess that's where we (yes, I'm one, too) can stand out a little more... from the background to the forefront... with a blog. ;)