Monday, April 18, 2011

Live and Learn

After a great FNSI finishing up my Supernova top, my quilting this weekend went downhill from there.

First, I decided to tackle stippling my little Coming Home quilt - pretty much made TO STIPPLE. A have been so scared of stippling, even took a machine quilting class with that in mind, PRACTICED (though honestly, not in a few weeks), and I really want to master this! Things started out well . . .

But about 4" later, I freaked out. I couldn't get my rhythm, got overwhelmed, and messed it up. I know the project isn't that big (about 36" square), but the thought of trying to stipple it all was too much and I took out what I had done and straight-line quilted the whole thing! Now that I'm binding up that little quilt, I am disappointed I didn't stick with it or at least put it away for another day. Sigh.

Second was facing the next steps with my Supernova, neither of which I enjoy - piecing the backing and basting. I had lots of odds and ends of my batiks left, and thought I would use those to piece the back. Unfortunately, they were all different sizes, so basically, I just started piecing them together. Ok, so I'm not really happy with this either:

But it's done, and barring any last-minute decisions, I'll be using it. At least all of the fabrics are beautiful!
I have some ideas on how to quilt this project, so after I face the dreaded basting, that'll be next.

Confessions over. Today's a new day.

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  1. Did you know they have rolls of tear away stippling paper to follow? My MIL just did a quilt with it and it looks great! I can find out where she got it if you are interested.