Monday, June 20, 2011


I may be the last person in quilt-blog-land to discover this technique for half square triangles, but I felt compelled to share, just in case I'm not. I wanted to start working on the Scrapbuster Swap I joined on flickr, where you are asked to make hst using this tutorial. Considering I was beginning with a charm pack, getting going was a snap, and honestly, honestly, I made 20 beautiful hst in 15 minutes. I really don't enjoy the "drawing a line on the diagonal-sewing on both sides-cutting on the line method" and have had inconsistent results, accuracy-wise. But this method was quick, accurate, basically flawless, and fun! From here I will trim to perfect 3" hst, per my swap guidelines. I am totally wowed by this method, and so glad to have found it.


  1. I know it is the best ever, right? I'm mad I never thought of this method myself!

  2. Ok, you've sold me. The next time a pattern calls for HST, I'll give this method a try.