Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday at The Table

There are several "foodie" things on my mind . . .

The first is a magazine that I discovered when we flew to Minnesota two weeks ago. It's kind of my 'routine' to buy a couple of new magazines for reading on the plane whenever we travel. This time I picked up Where Women Cook: The Heart & Soul of Cooking. It didn't hurt that Molly Wizenberg of Orangette was on the cover. I enjoy reading her blog and her articles in Bon Appetit, and have even enjoyed eating at the restaurant she and her husband own here in Seattle. The photography in this magazine is stunning, and I really enjoyed the articles - good stuff for someone like me, who was a baker in a former life. I was intrigued enough to back-order the premier issue, where The Pioneer Woman was featured - another one of my favorite (non-quilty) blogs.

Something I've enjoyed reminiscing about since our trip to Minnesota are the many new restauratnts we tried while we were there visiting our son. A couple we had been to previously, but most were new to us. Visiting new restaurants is kind of like our family hobby. We hadn't been together in the Twin Cities for nearly a year, and son and us both had lists of potential restaurants to try during our time together. We managed to visit (and enjoy!) eight new restaurants, plus a couple of old favorites. I go a step beyond and rate/review them all on urbanspoon.com. A little eccentric, but fun times for us.

Lastly, I'm thinking about what constitutes a great meal out. And I think the one I enjoyed last night certainly qualifies. It was a plus that the weather was beautiful last evening - finally a bit of summer had hit our city. But more than that it was a familiar, favorite restaurant; joining our most dearly-loved ones; being greeted by servers who recognize you and are truly glad to see you;  tasty and beautiful food, just like you've come to expect; and to top it off, getting the employee discount even though son hasn't worked there in two years. Now that is a great meal.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I don't know what that last picture is, but it sure looks tasty!

  2. Bread Pudding with caramel sauce. Yum Yum

  3. Love your idea of a great meal. I also enjoy Where Women Cook and you won't regret ordering the issue with PW - she rocks. Going to check out urbanspoon.com now.

  4. Not just any caramel sauce, Dad, but an Amaretto Caramel Sauce. Way Yum!

    Again, I agree. Absolutely.