Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Come a Ways

It amused me, really. There were years - seriously, years - that I would not go to my local quilt store and choose fabric, without my friend right beside me. She was there when I picked out fabric for my first full-size quilt in 1987. . .
when I later needed to choose a border to tie this bar quilt's rows together (from my first 'bee!'). . .
and when I used batiks for the first time. . .
And so yesterday, when my friend asked me to go and help her choose fabric for her latest quilt project, I was amused. Yes, I've been confident enough to actually choose fabric by myself for a while now. Just the same, I was pleased she trusted me enough to lend my opinion as she chose hers. I guess I've come a ways. Thanks, friend!


  1. I should be thanking you! I love the fabrics you helped me choose. They're all washed, pressed and ready for the rotary cutter! I would have started cutting tonight, but ran out of gas.

  2. Yay for quilting buddies and new projects!