Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finish It Up! Challenge and Friday Night Sew-In

Last night was Friday Night Sew-In, and I worked most of the evening on the backing for the Dream Big quilt I've been working on. I had what I thought was a good idea, to create a focal point for the back with 'modern crosses', inspired by Don't Call Me Betsy's latest finish, and then 'fill in' with the large pieces of Central Park fabric left over from the front. Well, it didn't turn out quite like I'd imagined - much more scrappy than I'd hoped, but I think we'll go with it. I'm so inspired by other pieced backs I see online, but never quite 'get it' to my satisfaction. Anyway, I'll be sending Dream Big off to my long-arm quilter next week, as it's a tad large to tackle with my machine. Meanwhile, I've ordered the binding and plan to have that made up by the time the quilt comes back home.
 completed top

modern cross detail on back;
weather precludes a full photo today . . .

Yesterday I joined the Finish it Up! challenge, sponsored by Meg of Fashioned by Meg. It is suggested to only list projects that are actually cut out, so "Dream Big" is my first major w.i.p. listed. Also included will be "Light and Shadow" Bali pop quilt and "Gentlemen Caller", the last quilt in my Prairie Women Sewing Circle series.
Bali pop strips for Cappucino Light and Shadow

bow-ties for "Gentlemen Caller"

There are oodles of other projects listed on my sewing room white-board, but none are actually cut out, so we'll add those as we go along.

I'm linking up with both Friday Night Sew-In and Finish it Up!. . .
Handmade by Heidi


  1. I love the back! It has some of my favorite fabrics! I like that you got the inspiration from Don't Call Me Betsy's latest finish, because I really like that back.

  2. I love you cross quilt! Feel free to add projects that are uncut! If I did that myself, I would be too ashamed to show you all! ;0p

  3. I also really love pieced backs inspired by so many talented quilters. There is also great inspiration on flickr. I usually love my pieced backs better after they are quilted! I would love to see the finished back and front!

  4. such a pretty quilt top! love those soft blues!

  5. Can't wait to see the entire back, that "teaser" looks beautiful!