Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girls' Night . . . and A Winner!

Daughter dear and I had a great girls' night last night! We started with a quick dinner at a newish Seattle restaurant, Pie, where sweet and savory mini-pies are the specialty of the house. Very fun and tasty.

Then we traveled on to one of our favorite quilt shops, The Quilting Loft, where we were taking a class from Katie of Sew Katie Did. The class was on half-square triangles, which we had both done before, but great fans of Katie's quilts, we were anxious to gleen her expertise on the subject. By some odd twist, we'd been mailed an incorrect class supply list. Thankfully, what I'd purchased while waiting for the class to start (duh) went well with what I'd brought, so I started in on hst with an nice grouping.
4 new 'Wrenly' prints by Valori Wells + a favorite DS print

It was a very enjoyable class, and Katie is a fun teacher. Besides gaining useful tips on piecing, fabric choices, and layout, she also introduced us to Pinterest. So that's something new to explore!

Well, on to the real topic at hand - the winner of my Mini Swoon quilt!
She's been patiently hanging out in my sewing room, where we've enjoyed her lovely company, but now it's time for her to move on to her new home. So . . . Mini Swoon's new owner, is . . .

Tiffany, who said...Oooo I love this pattern - I've been swooning for it for a while ;-) Would love to win this lovely mini-quilt!

Well, Tiffany, I've sent you an email, so if you write me right back, I'll get Mini Swoon on her way to you! Again, thanks to you all for joining in the quilty fun!

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