Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Randomness

It's been a busy couple of days since the end of Giveaway Week! Congrats again to Marci - your Christmas mini was mailed yesterday. With any luck, you'll have it by Christmas. And I was pretty excited to hear I was a winner too! I won a happy town mugmat made by Pam of Quilting Square One. She's got several posted on flickr, so I'm not sure which I won, but something like this . . .pretty fun, huh?
more and more

I also wanted to show you how I changed out the quilt rod in my dining room. Remember, I hung the trio from the Dead Simple qa:
Well, it was a snap to unclip the trio and hang a Christmas quilt in their place. (My kind of decorating!)

In the olden days (ie. when the kids were still at home), daughter dear and I used to really enjoy rubber stamping together. We haven't done it together in ages, but one thing I do like to do is stamp Christmas tags. Not very fancy this year, but fun just the same.
Don't laugh too hard, sis . . . I wondered why the embossing powder kept falling off the tags. Kind of forgot you need to set them with heat!

The last bit of Christmas randomness is about the trip hubby and I took to the grocery store this afternoon. It was fun to pick up a few speciality items for the holiday week . . .
* fancy crackers from urban oven
* our favorite splurge-worthy salami (finocchiona)
* a new cheese to try (Bella Vitano Sartoni espresso - they had samples - it's good!)
* satsumas (love them with the leaves! And good to have on hand to add to salads, just to eat, or for the occasional Mandarin Basil Tini.)
* prosecco (you know - just in case)
* Macrina orange brioche (more about that at Tuesday at the Table!)

Time to get going - two more gifts yet to make. Hope you're having a Christmasy kind of day! See ya.


  1. Tis the season! Congrats on the win. Love those stamped tags.

  2. Hee hee, it's been that long since I tried embossing, I'd probably forget the heat setting too!

  3. I like those gift tags! I've never done any stamping, but I can foresee it in the future:)

  4. I love that Christmas quilt! And the fancy food looks delicious!

  5. Yum! You know how to shop! I had such a hard time in the grocery store today, looking for things I only buy once a year. Went down every aisle at least twice! I have almond cookies in the oven now. Fingers crossed!

  6. I like your christmasquilt and your idea for stamping the gift tags is perfekt. I have to look if I get those stamps somewere! Love this spaciality items too!

  7. Love your redecorating! The gift tags look great, too. I've never done anything like that, but it looks fun. That last picture looks the most fun, though! I love the holiday treats!

  8. Oh all that holiday food looks so good! I love how easy it is for you to change out your quilts now, it looks fabulous! The best part of my day was receiving my mini x today and getting to enjoy it all week before Christmas!

  9. I love the tags, cute penguins! That grocery shop sounds and looks yummy!