Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, you've seen them throughout the last few weeks, but here's a final glance at my blocks for the 4x5 modern Quilt Bee, Quarter 4, Hive 1.
Q4 mosaic sent
It's really fun to make these blocks in each bee member's chosen palette. They went in the mail Saturday - and the crazy thing is where they all are headed: the closest is just a hop, skip, and jump to L.A., next Delaware, Alberta, Australia(!), AND MOROCCO! It's just amazing to me that quilters from all over the world can connect and help each other make some beautiful quilts. Cool.

And I have received one Q4 block already - from Wendy in Australia!

And more excitement in the A Quilter's Table flickr group - a mini by Katie of Unconventional Katie! Isn't it cute? And I'm hearing rumors of more Mini X quilts . . .
Mini X's

Another thing - I'm curious if any of you have signed The Process Pledge.
The Process Pledge
"The goal of the process pledge is to create a new sensibility in quilting blogs where we don’t just show finishes or occasionally confess about our moments of indecision, but chat openly and often about our works in progress, our inspirations, and our moments of decision."

Rossie of rossie blog, posted her pledge May 14, 2010, and I am #768 to sign it. Like there are alot of quilters out there who have made this commitment in the last 18 months! I feel like I have been living out this pledge, but let's just say I'm glad to have finally read Rossie's post and actually signed the pledge.

Lastly, I just read a post on asterisk blocks by Kate of needle and spatula, which I found very interesting. {here} If any of you have tried this block, I'd love to hear from you - it's definitely on my list for 2012!


  1. I love the bee blocks, especially seeing them all together. And how adorable is it that each group is called a "hive". :)

  2. I love the block you got from Wendy. The dog is so cute!

  3. Those blocks look fab, and lucky you having Annabella in a swap ('cos I doubt there are too many other Morroccan bee members lol)

  4. I can't wait for my block to arrive, they are wonderful! And you are right, it is a pretty international group.

  5. Oh wow, Debbie! I incredibly love the block you received! You'll have a fun quilt for sure if all the blocks are as fun as the ones you made and have received so far. I remember reading about the process pledge a while ago, but since I didn't have a blog then I didn't think about it too much but liked the idea. I need to revisit it I think. And thanks for the link about the asterisk block, too. I really like that block and hadn't even thought about having to make those adjustments. Good to know!

  6. Great blocks! I love the one you received, how cute! I actually just signed the process pledge myself, I just learned about it the other day. Ha! I am #767, just before you. I like to share finished products, without posting too much process, but if I only did that my blog would be pretty bare. So I show a lot of the process in making up my quilts. I love to see how others come up with their ideas and the progress they make on it. Maybe that's why I love WIP Wednesdays so much.

  7. Love your hive blocks, and the one you received from Wendy. This makes two dogs? No?

  8. Ah, thank you for posting about my mini. You made it so easy to whip up one, that I might make some more. My boyfriend requested one to match our living room decor too. :)

    I love the dog block! And I'm happy lots of people are signing the Process Pledge. I found it before I started this blog and bookmarked it to sign when I fully started up. I can't imagine not sharing the journey of how I make something.