Wednesday, December 14, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

I'm continuing on with my W.i.P. Wednesday posts, even though the link-up is closed until January. It just helps me keep track of progress!

Completed projects
Wonderland Christmas tree skirt - I love how it turned out - non-traditional and all!
If you'd like to see more pics, see here and here.

Giveaway Day project - There's still time to enter! {here}

Ongoing projects
Hollywood Boulevard table runner - The top is done! The pattern is by Atkinson Designs, and though the piecing was slow at first, once I got the blocks done, it went together (and nice!) in no time.

Wrenly hst quilt - no progress. Sad but true.

Upcoming projects  
* Placemats for Christmas gift - really need to get started on these!
* do.Good Stitches December blocks - soon! Due by the end of the month! yikes
* A light box - daughter dear and I both want one. Maybe I'll ask son-in-law. hmmmmm
* Hometown "Wild Thing" - will wait till January
* Pattern for Mango - hopefully in early 2012!
* Quilts for siblings #2 and #3

Alot got done this last week, but still some deadlines to meet!


  1. I love how the tree skirt looks like a quilted jacket with a neckline and the buttons down the front!

  2. I love it all, the table runner will be great! And a fun list of projects too.

  3. your tree skirt is perfect! i love the square buttons. that table runner is pretty cool, too.

  4. Love the tree skirt!! The buttons are a great touch!

  5. Everything is so pretty! Love your tree skirt. Those buttons are the perfect touch.

  6. I love seeing all your progress, Debbie. What is the fabric you used for the tree skirt?

    Is the table runner for you? I think it's so much fun when something comes together nicely, even if slow at first.

    Still hoping to win that mini!

  7. oh geez, thanks for the reminder about do.good stitches - first month and I'm already slacking! whoops hehe -- love that tree skirt!!

  8. Wow that table runner is fabulous, I love it!

  9. oh i love that table runner. i need one for my table!