Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Table Tidbit

My lower lip pouted out instinctively. We were dropping son-home-for-Christmas-from-far-away at the airport this morning. Some, though small, consolation was the breakfast we found on the way back home.

We had to wait for a table, standing in a cramped aisle-way, though I enjoyed our environs enough not to be bored. There was the crowded bakery counter with inviting baked goods and a busy barista making coffees non-stop. I loved when the waitresses shouted orders down from the elevated dining room.

Finally seated, I ordered one of those coffees myself, and immediately was warmed, inside and out.
I glanced around the dining room as we waited for our food. Situated in a "shabby chic" Victorian house, the atmosphere was warm and comfortable. The crowd was eclectic, with one young woman wearing both running shorts and floral rubber boots, a hip dark-haired guy with the biggest white glasses I have ever seen. And then there was the large group seated nearby, multicultural, multi-aged, from a grandpa-type to a crying newborn. Throughout our meal, laughter came from the group often, hearty, and loud.

Breakfast was tasty and bountiful. And at the end, all I can say is I felt better as I walked out than I did when I walked in.


  1. I'm glad you found this spot today! I headed back home (and away from my family) today too. Boo.

  2. Sounds like a nice breakfast spot, but I would be sad too, hopefully he is coming back soon.

  3. how fun! i love finding a wonderful spot like that. i hope your son comes back home soon! :(

  4. I can only imagine how you felt this morning dropping far away son off at the airport. My husband and I are spending only the second night (together) away from our children in almost 16 years and it feels so weird and wonderful. I guess no matter how old they are, we want to be with them. :)

  5. Sounds like a truly lovely experience! Sorry son had to go away again, but at least you were able to follow up the sadness with a good cup of joe!

  6. I have been to this place and i really really liked it! i loved the dainty designs and also their food and coffee and service