Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday at the Table

Well, I figured I owed you a glance at this year's Christmas Day menu.

There were several "keepers" in the trying of new recipes, so I'm anxious to share those with you. Sorry, in the busyness of the day, I didn't get foodie pics, so thanks go to pinterest . . .

Praline Bacon - Kaelin of the plaid scottie mentioned this in the comments of last Tuesday's post, and it went over great. I may chop the pecans a tad finer next go-round, as they tended to fall off the bacon . . .the recipe Kaelin suggested is by Amusing Ma Bouche.

Cranberry Mimosas from RecipeGirl - I enjoyed this twist on the traditional. We floated a few tipsy crantinis in ours, which added to the fun.
Source: recipegirl.com via Dana on Pinterest

Bite-sized Baked Brie by Joy the Baker - My grocery store didn't have the popsicle sticks, so we did without those. We did make these up on Christmas Eve, and popped them back in the freezer. Then the bites went right from freezer to oven when we needed them on Christmas Day - worked out great. We had strawberry jam on hand, so that's what we used.

Chocolate-Almond Bark with Sea Salt - This was a last-minute creation, and made a great Christmas Eve hostess gift and addition to our holiday table . . . pretty much made up of my favorite ingredients!

Mac n'Cheese Gnocchi from Noble Pig - We made this especially with our kids in mind. Hubby 'cheated' and made the sauce the day before, then while we were putting out our Stocking Snacks on Christmas Day, he put the (uncooked) gnocchi in the crock-pot, stirred in the sauce, and it was hot and ready by dinner time.
Source: noblepig.com via Debbie on Pinterest

Though our 'tradition' makes for a busy and food-filled day, it helps to have our menu posted on the fridge, and to prep as much as possible the day before. Having numerous cooks in the family does not hurt either, and definitely adds to the fun!


  1. Great menu, Debbie! Wyatt was looking over my shoulder as I read the post and kept pointing to the pictures saying, "Can you make that sometime?" I agree because everything looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness that menu looks heavenly, especially that mac n cheese! Yum! I introduced my side of the family to my husbands family's broccoli casserole, and they all loved it!

  3. What a feast, that really looks amazing!! I'm going to have to try the bacon for sure. It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas :) Now it's time to get ready for the new year - whoo!

  4. I think we'd all be happy to come to dinner any time if you guys put on spreads like this one - yum! I've been meaning to link up with you for several Tuesdays and now that the holiday craziness is done I actually got it together to do it! :-)

  5. The brie on a stick has been bookmarked since Joy posted that recipe. I will have to give them a whirl soon!

    Your menu is very delightful and such a great tradition!

  6. Wow! Looks like quite the feast. I think I am on yogourt for the next few days : )