Wednesday, December 7, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The W.i.P. Wednesday link-up is officially cancelled until January, but I need the motivation of posting - plenty still to do in the next few weeks!

Completed projects
Patchwork Pincushion - A friend of mine asked if I'd make her several pincushions to give as gifts. She doesn't need them until spring, but I decided to make her a 'sample'. I'll be posting more about this quick little finish soon.

Ongoing projects
Red and black table runner - still piecing, but coming along!

Wonderland Christmas tree skirt - top is done; quilting in progress. (finished top here)

Wrenly hst quilt is finally basted!

Upcoming projects  
* Project for Giveaway Day 
* Placemats for Christmas gift
* do.Good Stitches December blocks NEW
* A light box - daughter dear and I both want to make one
* Hometown "Wild Thing" - will wait till January
* Pattern for Mango - really want to do this, but . . .
* Quilts for siblings #2 and #3

Yikes! Things are a tad overwhelming in the sewing room!


  1. Deep breaths, Debbie! Your pincushion is cute! Looks like you've made a lot of progress this week. I'm sure you'll get everything done that you need!

  2. Wait, wait - Snippets of Sweetness is your daughter? How did I miss that? I love her Blueberry Pie!

  3. ohhh I want a lightbox too, can't be that much to make, but then again I've seen some simple ones for under $20 on amazon, I don't need fancy.... so..... I don't have that many christmas things done yet. well some I made this summer and fall, I started way early- those are done and for my mom I packed up a recent quilt I made and had intended to keep, but that's okay. I want to make little things for my kids teachers, don't know what and how I'd get the time

  4. I love your little pincushion and the tree skirt is lovely! I think you have so many wonderful projects on the go!

  5. What a pretty pin cushion, and I love your sneak peak of your Christmas Tree skirt, so pretty!

  6. I did a WIP, too just to keep track of everything. You've got so much going on! Happy sewing!

  7. Hi Debbie. I am working with some wrenly fabric too. Isn't it pretty? I am still waiting on some--it's back ordered.

  8. Hey Debbie! Everything looks great so far!! I should have done a wii anyway just to keep track! haha whoops!

  9. Your pincushion is so cute! Is this a Debbie original?

    Excited to see that wrenly quilt too! Is it a zig zag?

  10. super cute debbie. i love that pincushion.

  11. i'm so glad you did a WIP Wednesday post, too. this is the time of year that i need organization more than ever. so, on your Christmas tree skirt, are you waiting to cut the slit and the hole for the tree until you finish the quilting? sounds like a genius idea to me!

  12. Everything is looking good! I hear you on the overwhelming list, I am right there with you!