Tuesday, March 5, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday

This last week I have been focused on two projects only - my Scrappy Trip Along quilt and my entry for the Emerald Challenge. One is done now and one nearly - I hope to post about them each separately over the new few days.

Completed projects
Scrappy Trip Along - I'll tell more about it in the reveal post but I tried a new-to-me quilting pattern on this quilt, love the look, and hopefully will be perfecting it on future quilts.
This quilt is so cheerful, and I love the unique color theme that grew out of the scrap basket.

Ongoing projects
Emerald mini/placemats - This project is nearly done! Using pretty simple blocks, I've tried to add interest with bold colored prints, quilting and thread, and binding. Anxious to be using these on my dining table soon.

x and + blocks {#xplusalong} - This is next up on the scrappy quilt list! I counted 40 completed blocks (badskirt's original 8" unfinished blocks), and 8 more cut out ready to sew. Unfortunately I estimate I need 30 more than that to make a good-size lap. So this will take a bit.

Woodland cross-stitch sampler - no progress.

Upcoming projects
* pin cushion custom order
* flannel pillow for grandgirl
* table topper for mom
* March bee blocks
* March's Lucky Star block
* February's FAITH circle quilt
* Doodle Memory Game
* scrappy Metrolink - still debating
* Polaroid block projects

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  1. I think your emerald crosses are so cool.

  2. Your emerald quilt is stunning!! Love the colors and the design. And the x and + quilt is coming along wonderfully. I keep wanting to make one of those quilts, but the sheer number of blocks necessary makes me a bit wary. :)

  3. Hi Love your scrappy trip-along quilt. I have a laundry basket full of scrappy bits - time to make a quilt, don't you think?!! (First I must finish my WIP-Granny SQ Blanket It is nearly done)

  4. I adore the colours of your scrappy quilt and place mats

  5. Your Scrappy Trip Along is so pretty! And the X and Plus is looking great so far, too. I always love those quilts, but unfortunately hate making the blocks! Glad you are persevering!

  6. Thanks for posting on WIP Wednesday :-) Your scrappy trip along looks awesome!

  7. I love the emerald placemats and the quilts!

  8. I love all your scrappy projects. Especially that scrappy trip quilt. It turned out great, and I love the quilting. Did you do it FMQ or walking foot style?

  9. Just lovely Debbie....scrappies are fun and I love Emerald

  10. Debbie, all these quilts are so beautiful. Love the colors you used for your Scrappy Trip.

  11. Awesome progress and I love the Emerald! Maybe some cross stitch for next week ;) x

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  13. All of your projects look great! I love your scrappy trip quilt, can't wait to see it in all of its glory :)

  14. Those placemats are going to look great :o)

  15. Your emerald placemats look great, green is definitely not one of my go to colours, but seeing all these lovely 'emerald' projects is enlightening me somewhat! :o)

  16. Your trip along quilt is beautiful and I just love those placemats too!

  17. The emerald placemats are terrific! Great combination of fabrics! And your Scrappy Trip is beautiful! I am amazed at all the different looks resulting from everyone's different scrap collections!

  18. Your scrappy tripe is amazing! Just love it and those placemats are to die for!

    You're so prolific - I envy you! I can't wait to see what you've been working on this week!