Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Finish-A-Long: Q4 Finishes

Was I ever surprised when I sorted through the Finish-A-Long flickr group last week and realized that I have finished 28(!) projects with the FAL since it started 2 years ago! See what a good encouragement it is!? So here's my finishes for 2013 Quarter 4:

This little block was a recreation of that made for my Mango quilt back in 2011. Yeah, I meant to create a tutorial long before now, but you know how it goes . . . 

{click for pdf tutorial & templates}

Anyway, I made a few more blocks and came up with a fun mini just to show another way the block could be used. I had so much fun quilting this up, and now it's hanging on my mini wall!
(Beware: you'll be seeing the Mango block again in one of next quarter's projects too.)

Next up was the "For Pleat's Sake!" Tote Bag by U-handbag. I had my fabric all cut . . .
And before I knew it, I had a cool bag that I've used every day since!

When I put this piece of crazy-piecing on my FAL list, Crazy Rainbow was just a vision in my mind as my project for the Mini Quilt Swap sponsored by schnitzel & boo.
I was a little obsessive with the crazy-piecing, and pretty much covered my entire design board with it. But I was indeed able to create exactly what I had in mind. Seriously, this mini was just SO much fun to create!

And lastly was a carryover from last quarter - the Polaroid blocks that I got in the *Picture-Perfect* Polaroid Block Swap last year and then had the Always Bee Learning Bee put together for me into blocks. Gee whiz, I usually don't need that much help!
But a bit of time between Christmas and New Year's and I was finally able to finish "Snapshots" just before year's end.

Whew. List complete.

Linking up with Leanne/shecanquilt and the Finish-A-Long 2013 Q4 linkup.


  1. Whew, alright! What a stunning list of finishes Debbie! I love everything but I really covet that tote bag! Should you ever get tired of it.......

  2. You do so well with these lists, and each of those projects is wonderful.

  3. Great projects! I really love that bag! Cute handle.

  4. Woohoo, well done you! Think it's the Q4 linkup you're after though ;o)

  5. A wonderful group of finishes Debbie - really love your Crazy rainbow improv mini!

  6. Amazing how many finishes you've churned out. My inspiration ebbs and flows a lot but yours seems never ending sometimes! :)

    By the way, Happy New Year! I've been out of the loop for weeks now and am so behind!

  7. Good for you Debbie. I accomplished squat. Well one actually--my mid century modern ; )

  8. Nice job! SO much progress and productivity. Love your Mango block and hoping for a tute!

  9. Wonderful, Debbie! I especially like the Polaroid Shots!!

  10. I want to see a photo of that mini-quilt wall of yours!

    Fun to see all your finishes--