Monday, April 21, 2014

So Many Zips

In an effort to make a few little gifts over the weekend, I pulled out all my zips. I know there are two camps when it comes to zippers - organized or not. It's pretty obvious which camp I subscribe to. yikes.
But it works for me. As did the fun little tutorial I tried: the Coin Purse Tutorial by Keeper of the Skies Wife (aka sewbettyjane on Instagram). Not unexpected, it took longer to choose fabrics than it did to sew these up.
Just for the record, the tutorial has you cut your fabrics 5"x8", which turned out really cute, though I decided after a couple, to cut 6"x9", and continued to make most of the pouches that larger size. All except the tiny pink one for grandgirl, which I cut 4"x6 1/2". So yes, this tutorial is very adaptable.

After this, I need to touch base with zipit and stock up again. But it was totally worth a few hours of fun.


  1. Remember not to untie the ribbons from Zipit this time ;o)

  2. My zippers look the same, why would they be different? I love the little pouches.

  3. Cute pouches! Matching zippers to fabric would surely be the best part.
    Great stash buster project.

  4. Those are adorable! I'll have to check your zipper place out.

  5. They're so cute and it put a smile on my face to see I'm not the only one making a mountain of these. I also made key fobs by making them small and adding a ring for keys.

  6. I love these. Yes I have made them too and I find them addictive. As in who can I make one for now.
    And Zippit is a wonderful source for zippers. Only place I buy them now.
    I would love to see the black polka dot with the red polka dot zipper. Bet you are saving that one. :-)