Monday, May 30, 2016

May is for Makers :: Modern Butterfly

With this post, May is for Makers is a wrap. Of the five patterns I've purchased, two have resulted in finished projects already, and 1 is in the works. Not too bad, eh?

So I've been using Adrianne/Little Bluebell's Modern Butterfly pattern in the current Mighty Lucky Quilting Club challenge. The block is very simply paper-pieced, and I love the contrasting 'stripe' in each wing. I find Adrianne's finished quilt quite endearing - just really light and fresh.

Used by permission.

Stay tuned, and tomorrow I hope to show you what I've done with this little block!


  1. I think that is what surprised me the most with my May is for Makers purchases, too: that I used them almost immediately! :) I look forward to seeing more tomorrow.

  2. I agree, may makers got my sewing mojo going and I have been busy with the patterns I have acquired!