Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What the Numbers Say

After last year, I really wasn't too surprised at the results when I ran through which of my blogposts this year had the most views [excluding giveaways]. I was doing the bit of research in order to join Cheryl/Meadow Mist DesignsBest of 2016 Linky Party. What I found again, was finished quilt posts did not garner the most attention overall. So here's the results, listed by highest views.

The Crosscut Blocks tutorial brought the highest by far (over three times more than any other post). I gotta say, that made me pretty happy, as the #crosscutquiltalong was as much fun as anything else this year. Truth told, I'd love to do something else like it again in the new year, so if you have ideas what that might look like, do share.

Next were actually 2 related posts. First, 6 Tips for Making Zipper Pouches Easier and Neater ....

and then.... Metal Zips 3 Ways, which was actually the first post of the pair.

Another tutorial, the Improv Layered Circle came next. I used this technique first in my Baconrific quilt, and then for a Bee Sewcial bee "block," which is pictured.

And the last of the 'top 5' was 10 Tips to Instant Sewing, a really personal post actually, that came about at a friend's request. The tips I shared are still ones I live by every week.

So on one hand, as a quilter, it's interesting that finished quilts aren't what folks are most interested in. On the other hand, it confirms we quilters like to do a variety of sewing; and tutorials do encourage folks to try new things, to hone their skills, to move forward. And I'm all for that!


  1. Debbie, I'm not surprised that the CrossCut Blocks tutorial won out on views. My CrossCut quilt earned #1 spot of my favorite projects for 2016. I loved every step of it...well, that first cut of the blocks was nerve-wracking, but so glad I did it! Looking forward to another sew-along this year!

  2. Great posts thanks for sharing your tips and ideas!

  3. I'm with Kathy - not surprised the Crosscut Quilt tutorial took first place. My Crosscut Quilt is my favourite small quilt this year and I enjoyed making it so much.

  4. I'm also not surprised seeing as your Crosscut block tutorial has been on my screen more times than I can count. What does surprise me, though, is that the finished quilt didn't receive as many views. I've examined that quilt many times because I love the way you quilted it and hope to be able to finish my own Baby Crosscut even half as nicely. Love the quilt and thank you for generously sharing the tutorial on your blog!

  5. A very interesting post. I think it is because you make such beautiful quilts and finished items that they act as an appetiser to the tutorial type of blog post. And your tutorial posts are so rooted in clear explanations and good practical sense no wonder they are so popular. I've just reread the instant sewing blog post. What great tips.

  6. I enjoyed getting so see some of my favorite finishes and tutorials from you again! The cross cut quilt is awesome, I really liked seeing so many different versions of the quilt across blogland.

  7. Your crosscut quilt is on my to do list! Thanks for all the quilt inspiration and Happy 2017!