Thursday, October 26, 2017

Minimal Day :: Private Drive

When Jonna/@bespokeoutlaw presented this month's Seattle MQG BOM block, Private Drive, I think my jaw dropped and stayed there a while. All sleek and curvy, it was immediately intimidating. But as Jonna encouraged, I shouldn't have worried.

One tip Jonna gave was to place the curvy template on the bias. It must have helped, as I really had no problem with those curves. Another tip was to sew the perimeter of that shape before cutting out the interior portion. That really gave stability to the piece and was good advice.

This is our last block! Next month we'll finally see Jonna's own sample! I'm anxious to see how she quilted it as that is something I've been wondering about all year.


  1. Great tip to cut and sew the outside before cutting the interior for this block!

  2. ... and to place the template on the bias. I would never have thought of either tip until it was too late!

  3. Wow ... This one looks challenging! What a great idea to cut the interior part afterwards.

  4. this quilt is more and more intriguing as it goes! very cool

  5. I like this quilt and its progression. Great tips on bias work as well.

  6. How lovely!! And I love the floral fabric. Are they all from a particular fabric line?

  7. Your artistic feeling is exquisite.
    Praise to the senses.
    I love your photography.

    The best compliment.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  8. What a great idea to cut the interior part afterwards.