Monday, November 13, 2017

To Scotchgard or Not

After putting my Traverse Bag right to use [love it, btw!], a friend asked if I'd Scotchgarded it or not. Even though I live in an area that gets more than its share of rain, I had not; and in fact, never had water-treated any of my handmade bags. I decided to find out if I was the only one or not by creating my first Instagram poll.

I really didn't know what I was doing, and had to go to youtube for some help. But I figured it out, and was able to get a screenshot 24 hours later just before it disappeared.

So I guess I'm in the majority, but there were enough folks that do do it that I'd love to hear about it! I did find a post on Craftsy about it, but would still love to hear from you. Do tell in the comments!


  1. I have. I scotchguarded the ivory clutches for my wedding. I was afraid of them getting stained. It worked fine. I did it after they were assembled because I wasn't sure if the scotchguard would impact gluing them into a frame.

  2. I've Scotchgarded many bags. I like the extra protection from not only wetness but dirt. I think it certainly helps. Some don't like to do it, though, because of the chemicals.

  3. An Instagram poll! Wow you're getting some 'tech' ability. Hats off to ya.
    I can see that Scotchguard would be good for a white formal kind of bag.
    Thanks for the tips in your Tuesday at the Table newsletter.
    I really liked the 'Paneling; Improvisational Quilt Design' tutorial by

  4. I hadn't thought about this. But I made a denim bag and I think I am going to give it a shot of waterproof when I spray the new boots I got. Nothing to lose and lots to gain if it stays clean a bit longer than usual.

  5. In general I don't waterproof but every time I've made duffel bags or other luggage-like bags I have waterproofed them. The results have been excellent. Another way to put it: I only waterproof if the bag requires it in order to be fully functional.