Thursday, November 29, 2018


At least here on the west coast of the US, we watched in horror on the evening news as earlier this month, California's Camp Fire engulfed an entire town, causing unprecedented harm. It all is awful beyond words.

So when I saw Robert Kaufman post about a quilt drive for those affected, my ears perked up. From what I understand, The Sewing Arts Center in Santa Monica is organizing the community quilt effort, and local folks are dropping quilts off there for distribution. For those who don't live in the area, Robert Kaufman is running a quilt drive from now through the end of the year. The call is for finished quilts (baby/throw or larger) to be sent to:

Robert Kaufman
attn: Elisabeth Hardy
129 W. 132nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90061 

So my mom, daughter, and I each gathered some quilts from our homes and are together sending a stack down. It's a small gesture really, in the face of such tragedy, but we hope they bring just a little warmth and comfort. #quiltsforCA


  1. Thanks for contributing, Debbie, and sharing about the quilt drive.

  2. what a wonderful opportunity. it's horrible what California has been through

  3. Good to know about. I saw on another blog where there is a quilt store organizing a drive for hand sewing kits. Nothing big, but almost an entire guild lost their homes, their quilts and have not even handwork to help them relax or regroup their thoughts by focusing elsewhere for a bit. It's so encouraging to see people pull together in times like this.

  4. Every little bit counts! And quilts are warm and comforting.
    Great idea Debbie.

  5. I think we all watched in horror and sadness as the fires destroyed so many lives and land. I'm pretty sure I have a stack that should be donated...thanks for sharing the info!

  6. Thank you for posting this information! We both wanted to help the residents of Paradise and beyond. We have several quilts looking for a home. I cannot image the grief these communities are facing.