Thursday, July 11, 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long :: Q2 Finishes

For some strange reason, both of my Q2 Finish-A-Long finishes were done in June, within days of the finish deadline. What's with that? Hard to say, but at least I got them done! 

First was Timeless, my Pantone challenge quilt. When the quarter started, I had fabric chosen, but that was about it.

My choice of the improvisational hourglass block was a satisfying one, and even though my palette was quite unique for me, I find it intriguing. My biggest lesson with this one was the transformation made by adding in plenty of tone-on-tone blocks. That really changed the quilt from something I liked well enough to something I love.

Then, I finally faced finishing my Courthouse Colour Play quilt, begun in a class with Krista Hennebury back in April.

I'd finished the quilt top shortly after class was over, but it took me until the deadline was looming before I got motivated to get it basted and quilted. SO glad that motivation happened along just in the nick of time!

Sadly, I didn't even touch my Teeny Tiny Trip Around the World. I think I might as well try and face it again once fall arrives. So I'll settle for two out of three and start thinking about what to put on my Q3 list!

These projects were on my 2019 Q2 Finish-A-Long list! 


  1. Loving the 1/2 sq triangle quilt--especially those colorways...beautiful work on both of these hugs, Julierose

  2. Yay for your two finishes. They are both so beautiful! I'm impressed that you can "endure" a deadline. I hate the feeling of knowing I committed to making X number of items by X date, and then being unable to attain it, often due to overcommitting or life outside my control. So to me, no commitment is better. I don't disappoint myself. I guess there are more people like you than there are people like me. Otherwise, for lack of interest, the quarterly quilt challenges wouldn't happen!

  3. Congratulations on two great finishes! That is the point of deadlines, right, to give you a goal, and as long as you get them done by the deadline (or close to it if it is after the deadline), I'd call it a win. I really like the courthouse steps, especially those color bits you added to give it sparkle.

  4. Two out of three - and that gorgeous - is a great accomplishment. Enjoy! xo

  5. Your hourglass quilt is so intriguing... it brings color and movement to life!