Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 :: Sparkler

Oh goodness! I'll admit I was a little apprehensive about facing this week's Summer Sampler block, but I needn't have been. Designed by Yvonne/quiltingjetgirl, it was no surprise that the focus of her Sparkler block would be transparency. That's one of the skills she is known for. She gave us helpful hints on choosing fabric, which was great, though working with a pre-determined palette and fabrics, I found myself conflicted somewhat. I did switch out one fabric, borrowing its swatch card neighbor, and I think that was a good decision. For instance, the fabric I would have used in place of the light blue fabric shown was a print with several colors that seemed to muddy the transparent effect. So it was good to be a little flexible.

Now what I really want to show off are those points!! I'm not sure I've ever gotten them more precise with paper-piecing. And it's all due to a tip I've used over the last few months (since I heard about it!), and I was glad to see Yvonne mentioned it too, because it really makes a huge difference. It's a little trick where you sew/baste a few long stitches over those intersections that are tricky to match up. I use a 4.0 stitch length, and sometime I pin, but on this block I just held each intersection with my fingers. Then you remove your block from your machine and check how well you did. If great, then move the stitch length back to 2.0 and stitch the seam. But if not, just do a little tug to remove the stitches and try again. That technique helped SO much with this block, as there were many places that needed matching.

SO! I'm super pleased with my Sparkler block! What I thought would be really challenging was actually a relaxed, enjoyable sew once I had the fabrics sorted. Yay.

Week 6: Cul de Sac [curves]
Week 5: Rope Twist [paper-piecing]     Week 4: Victorian Tile [nested seams]
Week 3: Curious Crossing [improvisational piecing]
 Week 2: Pixelations [half-square triangles]     Week 1: Spring Fever [precision piecing]


  1. I am smitten with your block! Though, I adore anything related to transparency. You chose your colors well, and I appreciate your mention of the FPP seam-matching tip.

  2. It looks perfect! And the transparency effect with the two blue fabrics is very effective.

  3. Piecing perfection! And, I really that you achieved the transparency effect without matchy-matchy fabrics.

  4. what a great block! and I remember you sharing that tip before, I used it today when I was paper piecing and thought of you!

  5. Beautiful block. Your points are perfect!!

  6. Your block turned out great and I always like how my paper piecing comes together better when I baste and check. :)