Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 :: Oasis

OH. my. goodness! This week's Summer Sampler theme is Inset Pieced Circle, and it's a doozy. In the best way possible, that is! I've done a single inset circle once or twice with moderate success, but anything with glue kind of gives me pause. At any rate, I survived, and am happy to tell about it.

The block design is by Stephanie Ruyle of Spontaneous Threads, actually one of my Bee Sewcial mates. And I've long admired Stephanie's knack for inset shapes. I wavered from her block instructions just a tiny bit by using my circle rotary cutter instead of a paper template when it made sense, and I'm glad I did.

My 'ring' turned out imperfectly perfect (my choice of outlook), and I think it would have been even more wobbly if I'd done otherwise. But overall, the technique is great, Stephanie's instructions spot-on, and imperfect or not, the block design is impressive, I think. Definitely worth the effort. And that diagonal? Totally makes the block.

So.... we're nine blocks in - not quite halfway - and I'm loving where this is going.

Week 8: Fierce [tiny piecing]
Week 7: Sparkler [transparency]     Week 6: Cul de Sac [curves]
Week 5: Rope Twist [paper-piecing]     Week 4: Victorian Tile [nested seams]
Week 3: Curious Crossing [improvisational piecing]
 Week 2: Pixelations [half-square triangles]     Week 1: Spring Fever [precision piecing]


  1. Oh how I adore this! I'm fascinated by inset circles, and think that the math must surely be over my head. How does one figure the relationship in size between the circle and the opening. Is the difference only a half-inch? Good that you had an excuse to use your Olfa circle cutter. I have a Grace Company 360 True Cut circle cutter that I have used only to cut circles to appliqué. I bet I could also use my Classic Curves Ruler to cut circles by folding together layers and cutting a quarter-circle. Anyway, there seem to be lots of options inviting me to play. Have you seen the inset circles being made by Mariquilts/TheQuiltingEdge? Between the two of you, I'm smitten, and inspired.

  2. You know with my latest circle obsession that this made me very happy!! I use freezer paper for my circles because I'm too scared to try it any other way!! Glue is your friend!!

  3. Hi Debbie, where are Stephanie’s inset istructions?