Friday, September 6, 2019

WIP Pouch

Gotta say, I was pretty pleased when Svetlana of SOTAK Handmade asked me to participate in the IG book hop for her book, That Handmade Touch. Published by Lucky Spool, it's a wonderful mix of projects - for you, your home, your craft space - and your pet!

The project I chose to make for the hop was the WIP Pouch, a 10" x 11" quilted, vinyl-fronted pouch perfect for storing works-in-progress or a score of other things of course.

I dug deep into my stash for a focal print I really love, and for the zipper facing and binding, a fun little stripe. The construction of the pouch was straight-forward and relatively quick, which made it especially enjoyable. Really, the only tips necessary about sewing with that vinyl are don't touch it with your iron, and use wonder clips instead of pins Otherwise, it's smooth sewing.

Though I normally bind by hand, I did choose to machine-bind the pouch, just thinking it might be easier with the vinyl component, and I'd do that again.

And yes, the finished pouch could easily be used for a work-in-progress, but instead, I'm using mine to gather up all my zipper pulls for future zips. They'd been in a messy pile in a drawer before, and this makes them so much easier to access and fun to peruse.

So the WIP Pouch isn't my first project from Svetlana's book! I've also made the Pleated Pouch twice (here and here), and same for the On-the-Go Project Bag (here and here). Time to decide what's next!

That Handmade Touch Book Hop runs September 2 - 13. Here's a list of the participants, and I'm linking to their projects as they go live. Enjoy!
9/2 - Heidi Staples/@fabricmutt ~ On-the-Go Project Bag
9/3 - Jeni Baker/@jenib320 ~ QAYG Zipper Pouch
9/4 - Jo Avery/@mybearpaw ~ Pleated Pouch
9/6 - me!/@aquilterstable ~ WIP Pouch
9/9 - Rachel Hauser/@stitchedincolor ~ Wall Pocket
9/12 - Minki Kim/@zeriano ~ Catnip Toy
9/13 - Svetlana Sotak/@sotakhandmade


  1. I love the fabric you chose - really cool! I think that might be a book I would enjoy (just not enough hours in the day to make everything I ever want to make LOL!)

  2. You chose really stunning fabric for this pouch and I love that little stripey binding. Very impressed with your skills in sewing that binding on as well.

  3. Beautiful! Love the black striped binding you chose - lovely!

  4. Love that fabric! And I love a good see through pouch. Can I ask what weight vinyl you used? I have 'stash' vinyl - but I don't think it's heavy enough. Thanks,

  5. That is a cute pouch - it looks like it would be handy to store the sewing supplies. I've never sewn with vinyl before.

  6. I really like your idea to use the bag for the zipper pulls. That really makes it easy to find them again because they do not disappear somewhere...The focal fabric is wonderful and the binding makes the bag perfect.