Monday, November 11, 2019

Twice As Nice

Every now and then, especially when I've got some large projects going, I really need to take a break and make something smaller so I actually finish something. This time, it was Aneela Hoey's new Twice As Nice Pouch, and I'm happy to say it was just what I needed.

Besides being a really sweet finish, it has some features that were really enjoyable to execute. As well as a main zippered compartment, there's a front vinyl pocket that's a breeze to install. There's also a unique detail on the lining to accommodate turning that vinyl that makes for a very neat and snug fit. Made following the pattern, the pouch would measure 10" x 6" using two 10" zippers. I only had 9" zippers on hand but it was really easy to tweak the pattern to accommodate the zippers I had. So my pouch measures 9" x 6" and is still a really nice size. Actually I'm pretty happy to have discovered how easy the pattern is to adjust, as I can see it in a variety of sizes.

Adding to the enjoyment was pairing a couple of Carolyn Friedlander prints, including that blue and black from her newish "instead" line with one from the older "doe". I love how her fabric lines mix and match. For all of the above reasons, this was a fun one, and gave me the oomph I needed to get back to that big project.


  1. Why does everyone use metal zippers on their totes and pouches? I would think the nylon zippers would be easier to use.

    1. Geraldine, we use them because we like how they look and feel. At least that's my excuse. ;-) See Kim's response below!

  2. The metal ones just look so chic, like here in Debbie's pouch.

  3. Oh how I love an "in-between-a-big-quilt" project - something that give you a little respite from a large quilt. This really is a nice-sized pouch, and seems like it has many possible uses. Once again, I'm asking myself, "Who could I make that for?" so I'd have an excuse to make it. You did a lovely job with it, Debbie!