Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Modern Boro Zipper Pouch + Tiny Flower Pot Cozy

My progress on larger quilted projects has been going pretty well this month, but you know me. I'm still sneaking in a small finish now and then. It's just fun for me, and I can't see that changing.

So in the past couple of weeks I've tried two new patterns. The first was the Modern Boro Zipper Pouch, a free pattern by Karen/kzstevens. It's small - 6" x 4" - but what drew me to it was the little bits of boro stitching, which is actually part of the pattern. Being new to boro, this was the perfect test-case for me.

Plus, I could make it out of scraps, which was obviously both fun and productive, and there was sweet detailing on both front and back.

I liked it so well, I immediately made another.

I could have gone on and on, really. But instead, got back to the main project at hand.

But several days later, I needed another breather, and when I saw Svetlana/SOTAK Handmade post a video tutorial for her little Pot Cozy on Instagram, I had to try that too. Again, scraps, and I swear no longer than 30 minutes and I had this little basket put to work beside my sewing machine.

So those were fun, but I'm back to work now quilting my latest quilt, and of course, mulling over what little make I can slip in next.


  1. The boro zipper pouches are really all about those extra details, aren't they? I love having a thread basket right beside my machine and the pot cozy looks like it will be a handy bin to have at hand.

  2. beautiful little finishes! love those born pouches

  3. As you I like sewing small projects now and then. I especially love your first Boro pouch!

  4. Those little pouches are amazing!

  5. Relaxing rewarding stitching I’m a fan of boro pouches . A little bit of artistic licence and you begin to feel quite creative . Love your examples