Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Utterly Blue

Ok, this was fun. I mentioned last week that even though the 2020 Pantone Quilt Challenge isn't happening this year, I still planned on doing my own Classic Blue challenge, and so I did! I mean, really, it's as good as it gets, and I wasn't about to break tradition.

It started with stripes. Basically lots and lots of improv stripes. I considered adding a few other fabrics/colors into the mix, but when it came right down to it, I left well enough alone. The blues were just too rich as they were.

Somewhere along the line, once I had the top done, I mentioned on Instagram that there was a design in there that probably only I could see. And that design was inspired directly from my recent Vista Toscana quilt and the way the blocks wrapped around each other. You (maybe) can see it most clearly in Utterly Blue if you look at the left side of the quilt.

I "mirrored" that same effect in the opposite side of the quilt in different proportions. Maybe you see it, maybe you don't, but if was definitely fun fabric play for me, and I can't promise that this will be the last project exploring that concept.

For the back, I went really simple - and solid.

From that viewpoint you get a really good look at the quilting, don't you? The design is "Fancy Straight Line" from Jacquie Gering's Walk book, and I'd used it several times before, always with great results. I used Auriful 50wt #2730 [Delft Blue] after considering several options including a variegated thread (a red, white, and blue!). In the end, again, I decided to just stick to the blue.

And then to finish, matched binding in one key spot seemed appropriate. The quilt finished at 25" square.

There's one more tidbit about this little blue quilt! Just as I was getting started, I learned that the current challenge with Quilt Improv Studio was a Blue Repetition Challenge, so I couldn't resist joining in and will be entering this quilt soon. There's lots of time to join in - the quilts are small - and the deadline isn't until January 10, 2021. Plus they're a very welcoming bunch, so consider it, ok? 


  1. I have to admit, I was curious what the design element was when you mentioned it on Instagram, thanks for explaining and sating my curiosity. :)

  2. Your 'Utterly Blue' is utterly fabulous! It shines.
    I love the quilting pattern too, super!
    I'll look into the Quilting Improv Studio, thanks, I've been having lots of fun with my grand daughter, so busy!

  3. This little quilt is so unique and the fun you had with it shows. I’m glad you stuck with “just blue” throughout all phases of this quilt. It looks super!

  4. I love that you kept it all blue. It's a great little quilt and your quilting choice is spot on

  5. What a wonderful little exploration in blue. The use of the small print and the insert in the binding are perfect.

  6. Your small quilt is beautiful! Simple. Impactful. Pretty. Good for you to make another color-of-the-year quilt, AND have a competition in which to enter it. That's really fun! Best wishes.

  7. Great quilt! I love your stripey accents and the small stripes themselves are also very special. Also agree about the quilting. I used it twice already since you showed it first and it always turns out great :) Enjoy your finish & good luck with the challenge. xo Melanie

  8. I love this! I love the subtle interest added by the printed fabrics.

  9. Blue is not my favorite color and not one I would consider first; but this little beauty you have created has caused me to question why that is. I love this quilt, mostly that it is definitely blue in every way without the need to distract from the blue, so it causes me to look closely at the design, the composition, and I could find no error or even a fleeting "I wonder if she considered...". Nope. This is a winner. Thanks for challenging me so beautifully.