Thursday, March 11, 2021

Snowflake Sampler :: Lacy Flowers

Just finished stitching this month's Snowflake Sampler block! I learned a new stitch - the white ones used throughout the block - many of which supported the weaving that became the 'flowers.' 

I chose my own thread palette for my Snowflake Sampler, and this block shows off my MOST variegated thread. Fortunately I had a nice dark purple in my thread stash from one of those Aurifil mini thread samplers, and I used that for the accent stitches. They're the same double cross-stitch as used in the Tiny Snowflakes block, and like the white stitches, were the foundation for those flowers. For me, the smaller stitches were enjoyable enough, but that weaving and seeing the variegated floss do its magic was the most fun of all.

So here are my three blocks so far. It's hard to see the detail, but I feel good about them and am looking forward to what's next.

In case you missed my previous blocks, I'll keep a running list as I stitch along:

X and O Star   +   Tiny Snowflakes


  1. Do the small white stitches have a name? It looks like you are having a good time with this!

  2. this one is my favorite block so far! I love how the flower petals are woven through the other stitches

  3. so cute! Like little pieces of Spring happiness!

  4. They're lovely samples, Debbie! I thought I "knew" chicken scratch, but this is chicken scratch on steroids! It's great to see your exploration of stitches, and will be fun to see how you turn them into "something." Well, if that's part of your plan. Nonetheless, they're looking good!

  5. So beautiful! Great stitching too.
    I agree with Kim,'Spring Happiness.'