Wednesday, June 30, 2021

100 Day Summer Sewalong :: Day 30

Things are plugging right along in the 100 Day Summer Sewalong! I'm thoroughly enjoying piecing my bow tie blocks by hand, and I'll confess, neither size takes me that long. What I'm especially appreciating is that none of my print fabrics are exactly the same - a few of the same design, but a different colorway - so that has kept things interesting.

My background fabric, Kona Enchanted, is a little tricky to photograph sometimes, but the first and third photos here show it most true. It is definitely more green than blue. 

So it's been pretty random whether I stitch a small block (4.5" unfinished) or a larger one (5.5" unfinished) on any particular day - just whatever strikes my fancy when I sit down to stitch. At any rate, it's going good, and it's hard to believe I'm nearly one-third done with my 100 blocks!



  1. Great hand piecing! I like the various prints and Enchanted is just that, the color changes depending on the lighting.
    This project is inspiring to me, I'm starting to hand quilt and your hand stitching encourages me to settle into my hand stitching project, thank you.

  2. They are looking great. I'm already excited to think about how you will arrange the blocks. You know me, I'm already thinking of a colorwash layout, haha!

  3. I love these little blocks. will you continue the hand sewing when you sew them all together?

  4. that looks like a good stash buster!

  5. Good for you to be able to do this! The timing of the 100-day couldn't have been worse for me, so I have yet to try 100 days of anything. Someday... though in hindsight, I should have done one in 2020. Your bow ties are looking charming. That background color is unusual, and just perfect.