Friday, August 20, 2021

100 Day Summer Sewalong :: Day 80

Well things didn't go entirely as planned, with me getting a little impatient during the 100 Day Summer Sewalong and finishing the hand-piecing of my 100 bow tie blocks over 20 days early. Ooops.


Real life has since intervened, and little sewing of any kind has transpired this last week, but obviously that's just fine. I'll have to clear the design wall before I can start playing with a quilt layout for these blocks, knowing full well I may need to order more Kona Enchanted for puzzling, or even make more blocks. So expect to see more of this project in the future, though I'm not committing to when that might be. Meanwhile, I have several machine-sewing works in progress, and a new Dropcloth sampler to start in on to keep with that summer hand-stitching. So all is good!


  1. Congratulations on getting all the blocks pieced, and I hope it's a fun puzzle working out how to arrange them all when the time comes.

  2. Thanks for sharing the different layout possibilities, very fun.
    And I saw your 26.5 improve square in Kona reds, gorgeous!

  3. they are such cool blocks, I don't think finishing early is a bad thing! can't wait to see where they go from here

  4. I think you're the perfect example of a reason I don't do 100-day projects. :-) Self-motivation isn't a problem, is it? Obviously, you thoroughly enjoyed sitting down to hand-piece each evening; the resulting blocks make that evident. They're wonderful! I'm sure you'll enjoy (later) taking time to arrange them and deciding on a layout, and possibly more Enchanted. I know that will be one of your favorite parts of putting together this quilt. Take your time though. Enjoy the process!