Friday, November 5, 2021

October Fabric Usage

It was a good month! The only fabric I brought in was a wide-back for my latest Bee Sewcial quilt, Lined. It's not my norm, but it definitely helped me move that one forward to a finish.

I did piece a backing for the House Top quilt I'm currently quilting, though, which was a great stash-buster. But I kinda wanted to mention one thought about stash-busting though. It's about a piece I purchased impulsively in September when I was choosing fabric for pillowcases for my granddaugters. In addition to what I actually needed, I purchased a yard of Alexia Abegg's Heirloom Warp and Weft Shirtwaist in Goldenrod that made all the difference in the "Tears" quilt I posted recently. I put it in my cart only because I was curious what it was like, and wouldn't you know, I found the perfect project for it within weeks. So that felt like a very successful, small purchase that ended up really adding to the story of a quilt made 95% of stash and scraps. Pretty cool, right?

So while building stash willy nilly isn't quite where I'm at these days, adding thoughtfuly chosen pieces now and again - for me, especially different substrates or a unique-to-me color - usually proves to allow for design decisions I didn't necessarily plan for but really add to my work. Just a thought!

October Fabric Usage
Used up: 14.85 yards
Brought in: 4 yards
Net: -10.85 yards
Year to date: -26.05 yards


  1. At some point, the stash gets depleted to a point that you will need to bring in fabric anyway, right? I like the thoughtful curation, especially when it helps you explore things for future knowledge and benefit. I love the serendipity of how quickly it came in handy, too!

  2. I like your thoughts about adding to stash! food for thought.

  3. Yes, I enjoy reading about your process, whether color or design choices!
    That Goldenrod is beautiful.

  4. I think your rationale for using-up stash, and an impulsive purchase are correct. I agree completely, though I haven't made an impulsive purchase this year.. well, except for three small pieces of an old print: Anna Maria Horner's Echinacea that were the last in a shop's stock. It will certainly appear in some gifts I'm planning for December. Thanks for sharing your use-it-up stats. It's fun to watch.