Tuesday, January 24, 2023


The prompts in our Bee Sewcial improv bee are rarely a walk in the park. I usually find them challenging or very challenging. Stephanie/@spontaneousthreads' "Vision" for January was of the latter variety. Stephanie asked us to be inspired by the work of Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist whose work was not shown publicly until 1986, twenty years after her death. "Bold, colorful, and untethered from any recognizable references to the physical world," her work was also done on a very large scale.

For a palette, we were to be inspired by the colors of some of her major works, with dominant light purples, orange and pale blues. We were also instructed to play with the loopy organic shapes with thin lines of white, cream, yellow and sometimes black. See the top photo in this article for a visual of Hilma's impressive work.

Circle-type shapes and loops are not my strong point, and I approached the elements of my block pretty leisurely. I referenced Hillary/@entropyalwayswins' tutorial for inset pieced seams, as well as my own tutorial for setting in a circle.

Stephanie specifically asked that the background not be pieced, so all of the elements are set in. She has approved of my interpretation; and as always, I'm anxious to see this Bee Sewcial collaboration evolve. My finished block measured 17.5" X 20.5", and I'll give it one more press before sending it on.


  1. That's one stiff challenge! Art quilts and beyond!

  2. Wow, for having created so much large art, it's truly impressive that none of it was shown until 20 years after her death (?!?!?). I feel like there is a lot to unpack there. But after a quick glance at your referenced overview of her work, I can definitely see it reflected in your block, and it will be very interesting to see how others work with the prompt and where Stephanie goes with these blocks.