Friday, February 24, 2023


So I was cleaning up after my recent quilt finish, and really didn't want to add the remaining scraps to the already overflowing scrap basket. Besides, they'd come from there to create The Bom, so why go back, right? 

The obvious thing was to sit down and start sewing them together. So I did, and then I sorted the random blocks by size and began piecing those together. Can't say I had high hopes for the result, but pure fabric play was the name of the game. And it felt good.

The design evolved, plain and simple. I was committed to just working with the leftovers and see where they took me. And at one point, I really thought I was done, even though the piece was just 15" x 18". But as my friend Lousie @imfeelincrafty said when she saw the photo, "I see more scraps! 😉" And she wasn't wrong.

So I continued on for a bit. With just a handful of small cream and berry scraps left, it truly felt done.

For the backing, I pulled a fat-quarter from stash, and even though it was about the size of the quilt top, I made it work. 

I quilted an odd little grid with three Aurifil 50wt colors - 2535 [Magenta], 2810 [Turquoise], and 4030 [Plum]. Deciding when and where to quilt with them added to the enjoyment.

When it came to binding, I very nearly used a pretty perfect stripe from stash, but I talked myself out of it. I did reach back into the scrap basket though, to find pieces that would work and be fun, since my remaining project scraps weren't enough. Perfect? Maybe not, but I like them well enough, and they definitely add to the spirit of the piece.

At 18" x 22", who knows how this little quilt will be used, but it's my first scrap finish for my 100 Day Project (aka 100 Days of Scraps), and I already have a few small piles of scraps for the next couple of projects. That's win enough for me.


  1. I recognize that backing! I used to have that print too. I like the raspberry orange mix!

  2. Fun way to use up your BOM scraps. Looks like a good table topper or wall hanging to me. :)

  3. That is the best type of quilt, use up the scraps, have fun and enjoy the process, and wind up with a gorgeous quilt.

  4. Love it! Must make time to do some improv.

  5. I like your scraps better than mine - haha! What a great little project, and so satisfying. Scraps beget scraps, though!

  6. Satisfying and delightful use of scraps. That would make a nice dolly quilt for some little girl. An elderly woman gave me a dolly quilt when I was three years old and I never forgot her. I finally gave the dolly quilt to her granddaughter, many years later.

    1. oh how sweet! You are right - it definitely would!

  7. Some of my favorite colors! I love your asymmetrical quilting, perfect!
    I've been hand quilting and I get frustrated because it is hard on my hands, they ache. I've been wearing quilter's gloves and they do help.