Thursday, February 16, 2023

It's Winter, Witches!

You might remember that my Bee Sewcial mate, Marci @marci_girl's last prompt for the bee was "It's Fall Y'All" last November. Well she's back this month with another seasonally-themed prompt in "It's Winter, Witches!" Marci gave us quite a list of suggested Kona cotton colors, so first off, I looked to see what I had in my stash, and was pretty happy with what I found. 

Marci also gave us a Pinterest Board for idea inspiration. Though right off, I had an idea, and I stuck with it. My specific inspiration were the icicles that develop on the eaves of our roof during winter, as well as the drip drip drip that happens as they begin to melt. Two improv techniques immediately came to mind - improv spikes and improv dots - both of which I really enjoy creating.

Though each of the elements was time-consuming in themselves, I think the most difficult part of this block was deciding how to combine the two sections. In the end, I kept it pretty simple, as the block was getting big fast! I trimmed it to 20.5" x 20.5", plenty big for Marci to trim down later if need be.


  1. Oh, this captures and evokes both a physical sensation (cold) and I can hear those drip, drip, drips along with the occasional louder sound as an icicle breaks free and falls.

  2. What a fun block! Love your idea for it and the excecution. xo

  3. The fabric combination is perfect - I can see sunshine through those icicles! What a fun prompt!

  4. As ever, your idea for a prompt is spot-on. I would have been scratching my head and deliberating for days. Love the colors you used, which, along with your design, really do convey winter and icy cold. Marci will love the block you made for her. Great work!