Tuesday, November 29, 2022

It's Fall Y'All

"It's Fall Y'all!" is the prompt my Bee Sewcial bee-mate Marci @marci_girl chose for us this month. Living in Louisiana, she doesn't get the traditional fall vibe, but here in the PNW, we definitely do, so pulling fabrics felt very familiar to me.

Leaves on the trees in our area can be a variety of typical fall colors; or my favorites, those that have different colors on different parts of the same tree. That's what I was thinking of as I created this first block, which measures 11" x 13". Lots of little triangles! The block definitely evolved as I began constructing it, which is half the fun of improv. For one, I had to include some green to represent the ever-present color we enjoy so much in The Evergreen State.

For my second fall-inspired block, I took inspiration from this week's skies. The weather has been brisk; but we've enjoyed some blue skies, tinged with pink later in the day. Imagine looking up through bare tree branches and maybe you'll 'see' what I've been seeing.

Even though the colors I used were in Marci's original fabric suggestions, I asked her to ok the palette, and she was good with it! Though on one hand, the blues and pinks aren't traditional fall colors, I'm definitely seeing them, and I kinda like how this block looks with my first. 

Marci asked that I leave the second block untrimmed. It is a
pproximately 18" x 21", though would be somewhat smaller once trimmed. That, of course, remains to be seen.

Both blocks include quilting cotton and shot cottons or crossweaves. The block containing blue also includes some textured cotton. That all was a little different from our normal 'solid-only' requirement, but something Marci was open to for her blocks this month. 

So those were fun! Love being inspired by what I see around me, and I enjoyed doing two very different blocks in different palettes from the same larger colorway. I'm really looking forward to seeing all Marci's blocks come together.


  1. Fall colors are beautiful in the PNW! Today we have snow here in Maple Valley.
    Your two blocks are exciting, looking forward to see what happens next.

  2. Your leaf block really inspires me. I have been thinking about a temperature quilt for 2023 but couldn't think of a great shape. Your block reminds me of tiny houses, which I did for a 100 day challenge a couple of years ago. I am thinking that would make a great temperature quilt. As always, your blocks are amazing.