Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Quiltober Quilt

The project I really wanted to get back to once I returned from Houston, was my Quiltober quilt! If you want a refresh on the propts, see links at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, I have a quilt top to share!

The puzzling was a little tricky, as I was running low on several of my key fabrics. In fact, I had already run out of Kona Pepper, which I'd usde for most of the 'black' in the quilt blocks; and my Kona Black was dwindling quickly. I'm happy how it turned out, though, and used the remains of my original fabric pull to piece a simple backing. 

I was inspired, and got right to basting a quilt sandwich! Then I started considering threads, and I've pulled several Aurifil 50wt spools, and am inclined to use all of them.

So stay tuned. I'm pretty motivated to get this one finished before month's end.

I - Crooked

II - Buried + III - Moon + IV - Spell

V - Bones + VI - Carve + VII - Spikey

VIII - Mummified + IX - Teeth + X - Tome

XI - Witch + XII - Shadow + XIII - Rune


  1. The quilt top came together beautifully and the backing is a lovely contrast (light to dark). Have fun quilting!

  2. Well done! I was concerned with all that dark but your arrangement balanced out just right.

  3. Congratulations on interpreting those prompts - I wouldn't have known where to begin! A fascinating finish.

  4. I am always amazed at how you puzzle those random blocks together. Looks fun and lovely!

  5. Ooo. What an interesting color combination! Love that pepper color. I would never have chosen pink to go with dark gold, but it definitely works! You make me realize what a color rut I am stuck in. In fact, if you could see my sewing room right now, you'd see three WIPs, all using the same colors - yellows, oranges, and a tiny smattering of pink. Every bit I'm working on could fit into the other projects I'm working on! Sheesh. You have a great talent for choosing and using color.