Monday, October 10, 2022

Quiltober II - III - IV

So Quiltober is proving somewhat challenging. With Halloween-related posts, I'm definitely making it my own and where my mind is going is very loosely connected. With the first prompt, Crooked, I could be fairly literal, but not so  much in the following days.

Day II - Buried :: I was kind of thinking of a grave, and used a Carolyn Friedlander bone print for the center fabric. The surrounding rounds were supposed to give a notion of depth, though I'm not sure that was entirely successful. I 'see' it though. [9.5" x 9.5"]

Day III - Moon :: Once again, I could be pretty literal, and used the Rings method in @quiltsfromtheattic's Inspiring Improv, which I really enjoyed.

For the final block, I surrounded my 'moon' in black and sliced into it to insert a wedge. [12" x 12"]

Day IV - Spell :: Honestly all I could think of were the 'sparkles' made by a Disney fairy godmother's wand. Go figure. But I went with it, and had fun with the process. [11.5" x 12"]

So even though my responses to the prompt have been questionable, the chance for free fabric play has been delightful. Behind the scenes, I've just finished up a long-term project, so Quiltober has been a welcome respite.


  1. Great piecing! I love the sparkles. I think your interpretations are super, being yourself is a good thing.
    And your Moon piecing and wedge turned out impressive.

  2. The moon block in particular really speaks to me. I hope that you continue to have fun with these prompts!

  3. In my opinion, you're thinking about these prompts much like the rest of us would - literally. That's sure the easiest direction to go, in one's mind, and there's nothing wrong with that! My thought with "spell" was to spell out a word with improv letters, so you can see that even literally, spell can be taken several directions. I like where you're going with these blocks, and I don't have a shred of doubt that you'll come through the 31 days with a marvelous improv project. Glad you're enjoying it as an aside to another project. We all need that too. At least that's how I also like to work. Have fun!

  4. love all your interpretations. I especially like the moon with a slash.

  5. I have to say you sound pretty hard on yourself. I love how you interpreted those prompts and I think the blocks are all fun and will look great together. xo