Friday, November 11, 2022

September & October Fabric Usage

So I'm still working at sewing through stash, and headed in the right direction, even though I had several fabric aquisitions during the last two months.

First up, after joining the Mini Series Sew Along and choosing Carolyn Friedlander's Ledger print as my background, I wondered if I'd need more of that print to use in my final tiny-piecing project. It's an older print, so I went hunting on etsy, and found some at a really good price point. In fact it was so good that I was sure it was for a half-yard, rather than a full yard, and typed in 'Qty 4.' Oops. It was in fact the full yard price, so guess who now has 4 yards of Ledger? No worries, it's a favorite, and I'm happy to have it re-stashed.

Then, Kari @quiltsforthemaking, designed some Bee Sewcial-branded fabric that the bee members were able to purchase from Spoonflower. [See this pic of us wearing some of our Bee Sewcial items.] I had in mind to make a small gift for each of my bee mates, as well as a tote for me to use at Quilt Festival. A worthy purchase, I thought, and I used almost all of my branded fabric on those two projects, so that was great.

Here's how September's stats panned out:

September Fabric Usage

Used up: 15.58 yards
Brought in: 6.25 yards 
Net: -9.33 yards

Net Year to date: -72.442 yards
Total Year to date: -150.192 yards

In October, I was busy using stashed fabric for my Quiltober blocks and the bundle I'd purchased in September for the Mini Sew Along, so that helped. But then my daughter Rachel @snippetsofsweetness, was destashing, and I garnered a few fat-quarters from her. Why not, right? I do know a brown quilt is in my future!

So October was a pretty productive month, even though most of the projects were small in size.

October Fabric Usage

Used up: 12.58 yards
Brought in: 1 yard
Net: -11.58 yards

Net Year to date: -84.022 yards
Total Year to date: -162.772 yards

Looking back at my August fabric usage, I see there's been a net use of just over 20 yards since then, which feels good! I'm not gloating in the least though, as guess who made an impulse fabric purchase at Quilt Festival? But we'll save that for next month's report. 


  1. Good price, good print, what's not to like about that. And I'm sure you will put it to good use!

  2. I was wondering if you would bring anything home from Quilt Festival! Looks like you have been doing really well this year, though; it's impressive how much you have used up!