Thursday, November 24, 2022

Aurifil Artisan Challenge :: Using 80wt Thread

This month's Aurifil Artisan Challenge - to use their 80wt thread in a project - was perfect timing, as I just finished up nearly two months of tiny piecing with the Mini Series Sew Along, where I used Aurifil 80wt thread to stitch all of my blocks. I also used 80wt in my bobbin, as suggested on the Aurifil website.

The needle recommendation for this weight of thread is a 70/10, so that's what I used. It was also the suggestion for stitching these small four-inch blocks, as was a stitch-length of 1.4, so that all felt like kismet.

Though I expected a learning curve with this fine of thread, there really wasn't one. It sewed smoothly and flawlessly through my machine from the first stitch. I used a seam-roller for most of the pressing, and the thin thread allowed seams to press really flat. It'll be nice to have a "go-to" thread for paper-piecing, when next the occasion arises.


  1. Hi! i have totally fallen in love with your "old Italian quilt" that you posted about in sept. i've gone so far as to order your list of reds you used for the background not noticing that the "x" blocks were a different fabric. you know, this quilt has captured my heart and i have to make my own!!!! anyway you could share with me your color choices for the "x" blocks? i see you said you used an old collection you had, but any hints would be totally appreciated!!! thank so much for all y our inspiration!
    shoshana s5821140@!

  2. Isn't 80-weight Aurifil thread wonderful? Last year, for the first time, I used it to hand-appliqué circles on a quilt. Then, earlier this year I used it to hand-appliqué clam shells (that project isn't yet finished). I love the invisibility of my stitches, and can now see that I need to try it in my sewing machine. Your FPP blocks turned out so flat, and are just lovely. You're a great Aurifil Ambassador.

  3. I am always amazed at how much 80wt I can get wound on a bobbin. 80wt and a seam roller look like a perfect combination for your blocks. Do you use specialty paper or just regular printer paper?

  4. These blocks are gorgeous! I love the color choices and the white fabric!!! Can hardly wait to see how they are all put together.

  5. More challenge!
    I'm like Shoshana, I loved your 'Old Italian Quilt' too, I dream about it.