Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Right as I was finishing up on the machine-quilting on my Quiltober quilt a week ago, I came down with a nasty cold that slowed things down considerably. I mean seriously slowed. So those last stitches... trimming... binding... and getting a photo... all took way longer than normal. But happily, though the cold is still nagging me, the quilt is done.

I'm calling it "Miscellany" - a mixture of various things. Although I did indeed respond to the prompts set out by our sewalong host, Nicholas @quiltsfromtheattic, I definitely did my own thing, with much less actual Halloween inspiration as might be expected. But I'm good with that, and had a really lovely time improv-ing my way through the month.

I may have mentioned I ran out of the Kona Pepper background, so used some Kona Black to finish the puzzling, and honestly, I like the subtle contrast a lot. 

I made a pieced backing from mostly project leftovers. Though the palette - front and back - was a bit of a stretch, I'm super fond of it, and really like the mix of solids, prints, and wovens. For quilting, I did straightline quilting with four Aurifil 50wt threads - 4241 [Very Dark Grey], 5004 [Grey Smoke], 2975 [Brass], and 2515 [Light Orchid]. The somewhat random placement and color of each line of stitching was determined often by the fabric it would cross, and overall is at 1/4" widths, though also often more - or less.

The finish measures 44" x 48", and I had restocked Kona Pepper in time for binding, and I like how that turned out. Just overall, this was a fun one, and I'm definitely glad I joined in the Quiltober sewalong.


  1. I am just coming down with a cold, too, and think I'll be having to take it slower than I'd like for the next few days. Your Quiltober quilt looks fantastic, and I love the texture that the quilting created and all the subtle variations in color (pepper to black, the thread color shifts) are really lovely together. Do you plan to use this as a wall hanging or cuddle quilt or... ?

  2. You have such a great eye for color, and it's been fun to see you stitch your way through the sew along (I never did get going on it). The texture from the quilting and the different colors of thread really add to the finish, too. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Yes, super finish! Your machine quilting is perfect.

  4. It is a beautiful finish! And all the best to you so that you feel 100% soon. xo

  5. Love it. The quilting was just the thing as well.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Simple quilting seemed the perfect finish!