Thursday, November 10, 2022

"The Quilts of Bee Sewcial" Special Exhibit

Though the quilts in The Quilts of Bee Sewcial special exhibit have been shared in our Instagram posts and stories over the last few weeks, I really wanted to include them here too, as a group, so my readers could get a really good view of them. The exhibit itself consisted of three rows of quilts with eight or nine in each row, right along the red carpet at the entrance to the vendors. IE. you couldn't miss it.

So here are the 26 quilts, with quilt names and makers listed below each photo. 

BeeSewcialville - M-R CharbonneauDirection Optional - Stephanie Ruyle

2 Degrees Celcius - Stephanie Ruyle

Poster Pop - Kari Vojtechovsky + Baconrific - Debbie Jeske

Eyes - Karen Foster + BeeBright - M-R Charbonneau

Reflections - Karen Foster + Reverberate - Leanne Chahley

The Power of Pink - Hillary Goodwin

Elements - Montana Retreat Group + Flow - Felicity Ronaghan

Homage - Debbie Jeske + Stretch - Karen Foster

Connections - Karen Foster + Winter - Felicity Ronaghan

Bubble - Leanne Chahley + Timeline - Stephanie Ruyle

BeeCoders - M-R Charbonneau + Smile - Leanne Chahley

Chihuly Days and Nights - Stephanie Ruyle + Lined - Debbie Jeske

Subtle Secrets - Felicity Ronaghan + Rings - Debbie Jeske

Efflorescent Midnight - Marci Debetaz + Fire and Ice - Hillary Goodwin

Hope you enjoyed 'the show!' A new Bee Sewcial website is up, and we are working to include more info on each of our collaborative quilts and bee members. It's definitely a work in progress, but meanwhile, we are busy making November blocks for a new quilt!

Note that Bee Sewcial members, past and present, whose quilts, blocks and/or quilting were represented in the special exhibit quilts are Stephanie @spontaneousthreads Debbie @aquilterstable Karen @capitolaquilter Marci @marci_girl M-R @quiltmatters Ken @thekingslacker Felicity @felicityquilts Leanne @shecanquilt Hillary @entropyalwayswins Kari @quiltsforthemaking Christine @ccpquilt Sharyl @itssewscottsdale Latifah @latifahsaafirstudios Diane @diane_stanley_sews_and_knits Melissa @weshallsew Silvia @astrangerview and Anne @playcrafts.


  1. That is really a remarkable group of work--made by a remarkable group of creatives.

  2. Very Exciting! My favorite was your quilt Rings, excellent!

  3. Cindy used the best word . . . remarkable. Thanks for sharing them altogether on your blog. And congrats on the show.

  4. Thank you so much for the full virtual tour of the exhibit. They are a stunning collection of quilts!