Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ten Years of QuiltCon

Life kind of took over this week, but I was still hoping to do a quick "Ten Years of QuiltCon" post with all the quilts I've been fortunate to have shown at QuiltCon over the years. 

2015 / Austin: Fissures - one of my first attempts at a modern quilt, shown at my first QuiltCon.

2016 / Pasadena: Mod Mood - a Bee Sewcial quilt that actually won 1st Place in the Group or Bee category. [co-creators include Felicity Ronaghan, Hillary Goodwin, Stephanie Ruyle, Karen Foster, Leanne Chaley, Diane Stanley, Kari Vojtechovsky, Marci Debetaz, Melissa Richie]

Steeped in Tradition - the only quilt I've sold at QuiltCon. I still wish I knew where it lives now.

2017 / Savannah - Yay or Nay

2018 / Pasadena - Follow the Dots

2019 / Nashville - Loosely Connected

Baconrific - another Bee Sewcial quilt. [co-creators include Leanne Chahley, M-R Charbonneau, Marci Debetaz, Karen Foster, Hillary Goodwin, Felicity Ronaghan, Stephanie Ruyle, Anne Sullivan, Kari Vojtechovsky]

2020 / Austin - Homage, a Bee Sewcial quilt. [co-creators include Leanne Chahley, Marci Debetaz, Karen Foster, M-R Charbonneau, Silvia Sutters, Stephanie Ruyle, Felicity Ronaghan, Kari Vojtechovsky, and Anne Sullivan] 

Note that Karen Foster's Bee Sewcial "Eyes" quilt was hung next to Homage.

2021 / QuiltCon Together virtual show - Autumn Steps, which was included in that year's QuiltCon Magazine - a first!

Note to Self, in the MQG Modern Classics challenge, made from the pattern by Karen Foster.

Rings, a Bee Sewcial quilt. [co-creators include Marci Debetaz, Karen Foster, M-R Charbonneau, Leanne Chahley, Stephanie Ruyle, Ken Smith, Felicity Ronaghan]

2022 / Phoenix - Redwork

Rings, a Bee Sewcial quilt that was eligible for the in-person show since it was accepted into the virtual show in 2021. [co-creators include Marci Debetaz, Karen Foster, M-R Charbonneau, Leanne Chahley, Stephanie Ruyle, Ken Smith, Felicity Ronaghan]

2023 / Atlanta - Horizon Views, a Bee Sewcial quilt. [co-creators include Leanne Chahley, Marci Debetaz, Felicity Ronaghan, Karen Foster, Stephanie Ruyle, Kenny Smith, M-R Charbonneau]

Italiano Antico, made for the Modern X Challenge.

So there they are! I feel pretty fortunate that these quilts have been juried into various QuiltCon shows over the years. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some photos of this year's entries at QuiltCon in Atlanta. I'm definitely missing being there and will be soaking in all the social posts that are shared!

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  1. Beautiful work and retrospective. I hope you get to see photos of your quilts hanging at the show from those who are there.