Friday, February 3, 2023

Seattle MQG BOM Final Blocks

Not quite sure what happened, but I meant to share these blocks with you weeks ago! Though I fully intended in keeping up with the Seattle MQG block-of-the-month each month, apparently doing the blocks in chunks seems to have worked best - first in the spring, more in the summer, and the final ones come winter.

September - Dresden Plate

October - Courthouse Steps

So finally, in early December, I had all my blocks completed. Just a reminder, I did take the BOM in my own direction. Named "The Year of Doubles," the official guild plan was to make a traditional and improvisational block each month, and eventually make a two-sided quilt. I obviously just made the improv blocks, just because that's what sounded fun to me. Made from scraps, I really grew to enjoy my unusual palette.

I got waylaid by my Scrappy Sparkle Punch quilt, but the BOM is top priority again, and I must say I've enjoyed puzzling the blocks into a quilt top.

54" x 57"-ish, the puzzling was actually a lot of fun. Primarily, I filled in with Kona Pond, Jade Green, and Emerald. So up next is a pieced back, and before long, quilting. I can't wait!



  1. I really like the way the Pond, Jade Green, and Emerald work to bring the blocks together.

  2. I like your September and October blocks, and Kona Jade is a beautiful color, I've had fun with it here and there.
    You've puzzled your top into a great finish!

  3. Love the way you puzzled it together. Also love the purple zig-zag you put in. I think it pulls that color in very well. xo

  4. Always fun and inspiring to see your color combinations! You pulled this one together very well. Will be fun to see how you quilt it!

  5. I like how you approached your guild's BOM, especially that you did it in "chunks." You've made me feel better about doing the same thing with my traditional guild's "modern BOM." I couldn't see anything modern in the first set of instructions, so I'm opting to wait and see. :-) You have an interesting color combo. I can see how it grew on you. Once again, your work is totally inspiring. Thank you for sharing what you do so well!