Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Seattle MQG QuiltCon 2023 Community Outreach Quilt

Back in 2019, Louise @imfeelincrafty and I ended three years of co-chairing the Seattle MQG Giving Committee. During that time, we coordinated two QuiltCon charity quilts - Fanny's Flashy Fans in 2018, and The Last Hurrah in 2019. So after a bit of a break, when our Seattle MQG Giving Committee chairs Ann @amarchand7221 and Marion @marion7486 were putting out a call for folks to head up the community outreach quilt for QuiltCon 2023, Louise said, "Let's do it!"

The theme was "Color Shift". Thankfully, Louise loves designing quilts and came up with a design that would work great for including a lot of guild members. Once that design was set, we consulted Kristina @fabricbubb to help us chose fabrics that fit with the warm MQG palette that we chose to use. 

Together, we settled on Kona Solids Regal, Velvet, Heliotrope, Morning Glory, Magenta, Geranium, Cerise, and Valentine for the blocks; Dragon Fruit and Candy Pink for background; Velvet for the backing; and Candy Pink for binding. (Just a portion shown below.)

Louise and I cut yards and yards of fabrics for the blocks, and distributed them to our members at our monthly meeting last July! Members who could took one or more, and got the blocks back super quick.

A LOT of guild members helped piece all the blocks, which was great. Then Kami @kamicombes, Terry @terrypeart, and Jackie @tinwoman48 each pieced a section, sending them back to Louise for final quilt top assembly. We had a pretty strick schedule planned, and folks stuck with it every step of the way!

Meanwhile, Louise was making the backing! She really has a knack for pieced backings, and we all loved what she came up with.

Then off the top and back went to Dionne @dinglebobbins, who did the quilting! Ann @amarchand7221 finished by doing the binding (and I think the hanging sleeve and label), and it was done!

The result is "Double Radiance." Thankfully, fellow Seattle MQG @seattlemqg member Chandra @bestcoasty was able to get photos of the guild's Community Outreach quilt hanging at QuiltCon 2023!

Special thanks to our Seattle MQG Giving Committee chairs Ann @amarchand7221 and Marion @marion7486 for their coordination throughout. They did great keeping everyone on the necessary schedule - yay! Double Radiance was a wonderfully collaborative project, and I was pleased to be a part of it.


  1. I love that the color shift on the front of the quilt is subtle; it draws you in to look closer. And what a beautiful double sided quilt!

  2. A double sided quilt, where both sides are amazing. I love that color group, too. What fun to sew something together for such a good cause.

  3. It is always fun to work on a group quilt - especially if everyone is sticking with the time table. And I think for me the backing is actually the front ;) xo