Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Seattle MQG 2023 BOM Diamond Flare

After barely finishing my quilt from last year's BOM, Seattle MQG presented this year's BOM quilt, Diamond Flare by Taylor Krz @toadandsew. Exciting, right?! 

So our assignment for February was to choose our fabrics. This was important for me to do, since the eight fabric amounts needed were larger than I generally keep in my stash. IE. I pulled from stash what I could, but then needed to order more to supplement. Here's what I ended up with:

My fabric pull is totally inspired by a piece of fabric! It's Annabel Wrigley's @littlepincushionstudio Color Wheel Confetti Green for Windham Fabrics. I wish I remembered where I first got a glimpse of this, but I knew right away that I loved the overall palette. Of course, it's more complex than what I'm going to be working with, but hopefully it'll give a similar feel.

I decided why not make myself a color panel? I find they really help with a months-long project like this BOM will be.

So hopefully tonight at our monthly meeting, we'll get instructions for March's assignment, because I'm anxious to get started!


  1. I love that the fabric inspired the fabric pull and the palette is lovely. Do you think you will used the print as the binding or... ?

  2. I think the brown in there makes it an inspired fabric combination. How fun you were influenced by the print! Fingers crossed you get to sewing soon ;) And as always love your fabric card! xo