Wednesday, May 18, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

It's W.i.P. Wednesday again already! Unfortunately, some of what I've been working on can't be shown until my A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate {Swap!} partner receives the package I sent off today. I'll give you another sneak peek, though, to prove I have been sewing!
Ongoing projects
I pieced the backing for my sherbet pips Comic Strip Quilt top so it's ready for basting and quilting. I used up my last pips charm squares to make an 'extra' block and put it on the back - kind of gets lost there - live and learn.
The KONA solids came for the Dream Big quilt for my daughter. So now I can cut fabric and really get going!

Block-a-palooza quilt along needs basted and quilted. (This will probably be waiting a while.)

Need to do
* Shades of Grey.
* Stash quilt - Sew Katie Did's zig zag quilt.
* Quilts for our siblings.
* The last project from the Pioneer Women Sewing Circle.

Be sure and stop in over at Freshly Pieced to see lots of fantastic projects! Have a great day!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I like the extra block that you put on the back of the comic strip quilt. I don't think it will look as lost as you think after it's quilted. Very pretty!

  2. ah how cute is the block sitting there! Wow you are one busy lady!

  3. I like that little block! I don't think it gets lost at all!

  4. I think it is funny that you said the block is lost on the back, I would have never thought that, but now that you have said it, I'm kinda thinking it does look a bit lonely! HA, leave it alone, it looks fine!

  5. I want to do the comic strip quilt too--such a great pattern.

  6. I don't think the block gets lost there on the back. Sometimes less is more. Looks great to me. I sometimes get a bit carried away with things like that.

  7. I kinda like just the one block on the back.

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  9. Oh, I love that Pips back! That is too cute. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  10. I really like the single block on the back as well, and would love to know how exactly you went about piecing the back... did you just applique the single patch, or did you piece the whole backing around it?

  11. Dear Unknown - I can't reply directly, as I can't tell who you are or what your email is, so I hope you see this comment. I did not applique the little block, but basically pieced it into a row the same size as the block height, then stitched between the top & bottom piece. Make sense? I hope so! Thanks for commenting! Debbie